I love it here!  we are 11 students from different countries and everyone is very, very nice.  The accomodations are wonderful, the studio is great and the guest artist and the staff and very friendly.  I am so happy to be here in Italy to have this incredible experience.
Nora Rassinoux

Nora Rassinoux

My time at La Meridiana exceeded my wildest expectations, I had a blast.
La Meridiana is a real place, run by real, hardworking people. The team you’ve assembled is flexible, knowledgeable, and efficient, and you helped set the tone for the stimulating program and our lively adventures. You’ve built a superb institution. Thanks!

Mark Hewitt 2013

Joaquin and I would like to personally thank you for making our stay in Tuscany memorable and exceptionally warm. We think that the program was carefully crafted to maximize each participant’s gain on both the ceramics world and what Italy can offe

Joaquin and Lourdes from the Philippines

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the memorable experience I had at La Meridiana.  You could not have done more.  I was so impressed with your hospitality, facilities, touring and tasting of wine, olive oil and last but certainly not least the fabulous lunches prepared by dear Lucia.

Colleen O'Reilly Canada

Thank you so much for all of your time and energy, and incredible helpfulness to me ( and to everyone) during our week at La Meridiana. My time at La Meridiana was the sweetest time of my trip to Italy. I will always treasure my experience there!

Amryta Raven Muehlgay

We are missing our new Italian friends so much!
Please tell Pietro that I’m so excited to be throwing thinner and better than ever before! I didn’t realize how much all that practice helped me until I got back home to my own studio!


I can’t believe the confidence I have gained from John’s very expert and careful teaching – very precise, logical and inspired.  I feel very privileged to have been able to take part.
I have been using your terrific glaze notes all year – very clear and helpful.

Tanya McCallin

I learned so much on my visit about the Tuscany Atmosphere. The entire setting is conductive to creating. The bike ride up the remote hill above Certaldo puts you in another world.
The pace of the workshop was intense, yet there was time for conversation and tea.

Kathy and Ing Momsen, Sweden

Over all of my 21 years of presenting workshops, “El Paradiso” La Meridiana still is, so very lonely at the top, the best ever Ceramic Workshop location Sue and myself ever had.

Wally Asselbergs, Belgium/Usa

I studied ceramics while abroad in Florence. In my class we visited La Meridiana International School for a field trip and it was one of the best days. It was not only a stunning location and building but I learned an immense amount in my short time there. would greatly appreciate it!

Natalie Conti