Paper clay is a most interesting invention that opens up new possibilities in clay art.
It’s essentially a mixture of clay and paper pulp or vegetable fibre.
Ideal for ceramic sculpture it ….
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Terra sigillata
The technique of Terra Sigillata as a way to produce sealed domestic ware has been used for many centuries.
Since a few decades it has known a strong revival in modern ceramic techniques…
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Notes on Ash Glazes
Ash Glazes are a special family of refined glazes that appeared with high fired ceramics.
In these notes is also included a detailed programme for a substantial first research on their possibilities …
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Notes on Raku
Recent history has seen the raku name attached firmly to the work of Western artists.
It’s development has opened up a fertile new territory in which potters can indulge with passion …
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Vapour Glazing
The choice of a particular way of firing can influence dramatically the expressive options of the ceramic artist.
In vapour firing the essential transformation brought about by heat and vapours is seen as part of the creative process.
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For the wood-firers of today, the process represents a way to achieve a particular aesthetic expression that involves personal choices in both materials and techniques.

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Notes on glazes
Glazes are a fundamental part of ceramics. The knowledge of how they are made, used and fired is a further opportunity of the creative artist.
These notes are incomplete but constitute a sufficient base for all those who wish to start preparing their own glazes, starting from raw materials.
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Reduction and Oxidation 

The  states of atmosphere in kilns influence the final result. They may bee oxidizing, neutral and reducing.

Oxidation And Reduction Firing