Artist – in – Residence

Exploring new ideas in the cradle of the Renaissance

La Meridiana’s residency is open to ceramicists interested in working independently in a creative environment. Artists, professional potters and ceramic enthusiasts are welcome. Tuscany with its unique history and culture offers powerful stimulus to explore and experiment new directions. La Meridiana’s studios are busy all year round with workshops and seminars, taught by internationally renowned artists and attended by students from all over the world. One private studio and apartment are reserved for independent ceramic residents and can be used by one artist at the time. This opportunity has been created specifically for individuals keen in either concentrating on a specific project and/or interested in finding new stimulus in a different environment and culture.

Living and Studio space
The living and working accommodation for the resident is situated 20 meters from the main workshop and therefore offers the ideal conditions for concentrated work and privacy without isolation.

Materials and Equipment
Artists are advised to bring their own personal working tools. If you need a wheel we offer a Shimpo Whisper. Clays can vary from terracotta to stoneware and porcelain. Firings can range from low to high temperature, oxidation or reduction, gas, soda and sometimes wood firing. There will be full access to La Meridiana large selection of standard slips and glazes.

Packing and firing assistance is included in the cost of the firing.

Applications are on-going but must be presented at least three months before the start of the stay. Please do send a short letter of application, a short description of the work you intend to undertake, a short CV and up to 10 images of your work.

Length of stay
The time of a residency can vary from a minimum of 3 weeks to 8 weeks or more.