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41A-2021 – Pietro Maddalena & Riccardo Gori – Scaling up on the wheel I

41A-2021 – Pietro Maddalena & Riccardo Gori – Scaling up on the wheel I
October 3 – 12 2021

For progress on the wheel

For intermediate and advanced


Scaling up stands for progress on the wheel, both in skill, precision and scale of the work. In addition, there is a day devoted to glazing and glaze theory. The course can be booked individually but is also the ideal base for accessing Scaling up 2, uniquely focusing on methods for throwing large pots.


The workshop consists of 6 days of throwing and trimming plus a day for glazing and glaze theory. We will start with a revision of wedging, centering, pulling up cylinders and making shapes derived from the cylinder. The most effective techniques are presented along with the study of a variety of shapes, and of those elegant finishing details that make each vase unique. Glazing will comprise the use of engobes and the affects you can obtain by overlapping glazes. The best pieces will be fired at high temperature in a reducing atmosphere to 1260 °


Both instructors each have a long career on the wheel and continue their practice with great passion. Through practical demonstrations, they transmit an exhaustive amount of information. This, combined with individual attention leads to tangible progress in technique and skill. There will be plenty of room for questions and thanks to the availability of instructional videos, once back home the participants will be able to continue studying and deepening their skills.


The course is taught in Italian and English. A  delicious lunch will be served every day and acommodation is included in the price. This course is designed for the intermediate and advanced level. The last kiln opening will be in the morning of  Tuesday October 12th , plan your travels so to not leave La Meridiana before 9.30 am.

For participation, a  Green Pass ( Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate) is required.

The Artists

Pietro Elia Maddalena studied ceramics at the West Surrey College of Art & Design in England. After two more years of work at Dartington Workshop, he returned to Italy where in 1980 he established a studio in Certaldo, near Florence. Pietro is the founder and director of the International School of Ceramics LA MERIDIANA located in Tuscany, Italy. Also instructor and maker he says of himself : “ I am totally and continuously interested in the process of making. I see the craft object as a projection of the human spirit and the culture in which it was nurtured. In elaborating concept, material and process, my ultimate goal is the expression of beauty through sophisticated and sensual forms”.www.pietro.net

Riccardo Gori was born in Florence. After studies in Geology, in 1982 he started his training in ceramics, earning the diploma of Master of Throwing. By collaborating with artists, masters and historical workshops in Tuscany and Faenza he expands his knowledge of traditional and innovative techniques on the wheel and in glazing. He likes to teach in schools and educational workshops. In 2002 he opens his own studio, where he produces stoneware and porcelain objects and sculptures. In collaboration with his wife Silvia Ferraro he designs porcelain jewels with crystalline glazes. His work is shown in galleries in Italy and Europe and has been published in Ceramic Review. www.ceramichegori.it







Pietro Maddalena & Riccardo Gori


October 3 – 12 2021

Length of course

10 working days in the studio




Some experience required

Total price:

€ 1800

Deposit for booking:

€ 500


The workshop fee includes the following:
Tuition of 6 – 8 hours per day;
Studio open 12 hours per day;
All materials and firings;
Lodging in double room; single room on request at additional fee of 230 euros
Freshly prepared three course lunch with wine on all working days;
Welcome breakfast, Welcome dinner;
Coffee break in the mornings and in the evenings.

Payment and Refund Policy

A deposit is required at registration. After submitting the registration form, you may proceed with the payment on-line. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, the registration will be confirmed once the deposit has been accredited in our banking account. The balance must be paid at the beginning of the course.

You may withdraw within 14 days of registration without incurring in any penalties and will have the deposit fully refunded.  No refund of deposits past 14 days of registration, pursuant to articles 53 and following of the EU consumer protection legislation.
If La Meridiana cannot hold the course due to unforeseen events beyond our control, La Meridiana reserves the right to offer a voucher for a different course of your choice. The voucher is valid for two years. The deposit will be transferred to the new course.


For participation, a  Green Pass ( Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate) is required. La Meridiana is equipped to comply with the current safety standards, including social distancing between people in and outside the studio. The building is sanitized and the daily maintenance of hygiene measures is guaranteed. Please note that participants will be required to follow the security protocol and to comply with some simple precautions.


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