22-2025 – Beth Cavener – The Domestic and the Wild

May 25 – June 7 2025

Exploring the elements of character, expression, and spontaneous gesture

Sculpture. Non beginners


22-2025 – Beth Cavener – The Domestic and the Wild


The Domestic and the Wild is a two week hands – on workshop and a chance to understand the entire working process of one of the most interesting figurative ceramic sculptors.

The Techniques

Cavener will demonstrate her building technique and the anatomy of expression for the domestic and the wild.  She will examine the logistics of creating large figures, starting by creating the appropriate, removable armature and sharing a wide range of practical information about her unusual method of working.  The method consists in starting with a large mass of solid clay, afterwards hollowing each part of the sculpture down to the skin, before reassembling the entire piece.  Furthermore, she will discuss how to transfer ideas and meaning visually, and how to tackle elements of gesture and expression with the goal to convene something vital and unique. Through subtle shifts in line and form, students will learn to give voice to inner psychological states and project aspects of humanity through the sculptural figure.

Teaching Method

Students will work in their own conceptual frame, creating maquette and from there one or more pieces, applying the technical methods and finishing options. Cavener will assist students individually from choosing the subject, the posture and the armature to transferring ideas and meaning. The building in massive clay is a training. One smaller element will be completely finished and fired, not so the very large work. Beth Cavener will give several lectures and PowerPoint presentations during the workshop to elaborate on a variety of topics. During the whole workshop, sculpture artist Shelsea Dodd will be present as an assiting teacher.


The course consists of 10 full working days with instruction. In addition, the studio will be open on the weekend for those who wish to continue to work, but no teaching occurs. On each of the 10 class days a delicious meal will be served and twice daily coffee breaks are included. At booking you may select your preferred room type, choosing between standard lodging, single room and/or upgraded accommodation. Please note that depending on the availability, certain room types at times may not be offered.

The artist

Beth Cavener is a world renowned sculpture artist. Her studio is in Helena, MT.  She has exhibited internationally. She teaches workshops only occasionally and this is the third time she returns to La Meridiana. “The sculptures I create focus on human psychology, stripped of context and rationalization, and articulated through animal and human forms. On the surface, these figures are simply feral and domestic individuals suspended in a moment of tension. Beneath the surface they embody the impacts of aggression, territorial desires, isolation, and pack mentality.”



Beth Cavener


Sunday May 25 (arrival)- Saturday June 7 (departure) 2025

Length of course

10 working days in the studio





Workshop fee (without lodging)

Euro 4200

Deposit for booking:

Euro 1500

Bookings for the 2025 Courses open on June 1st 2024

Workshop fee with lodging

The costs listed include both: the workshop fee and the lodging. 

Standard accommodation in shared double room, at 15 minutes walking distance from La Meridiana – Final course cost: Euro 4640
Standard accommodation in single room, at 15 minutes walking distance from La Meridiana – Final course cost: Euro 5000
Upgraded accommodation in shared double room with air condition, 15 minutes walking distance from La Meridiana : Final course cost Euro 4960
Upgraded accommodation in single room with air condition, 15 minutes walking distance from La Meridiana: Final course cost: Euro 5360
Private appartment with air condition with one bedroom, kitchen, bath and outdoor space. Final course cost: Euro 5600
Course without lodging Euro 4200

Additional information

The workshop fee includes the following:
Tuition of 6 – 8 hours per day;
Studio open 11 hours per day;
All materials and firings;
Freshly prepared three course lunch with wine on all working days;
Welcome breakfast, Welcome and Final dinner;
Coffee break in the mornings and in the evenings.

Payment and Refund Policy

A deposit is required at registration. After submitting the registration form, you may proceed with the payment on-line. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, the registration will be confirmed once the deposit has been accredited in our banking account. The balance must be paid at the beginning of the course.

You may withdraw within 14 days of registration without incurring in any penalties and will have the deposit fully refunded.  No refund of deposits past 14 days of registration, pursuant to articles 53 and following of the EU consumer protection legislation.
If La Meridiana cannot hold the course due to unforeseen events beyond our control, La Meridiana reserves the right to offer a voucher for a different course of your choice. The voucher is valid for two years. The deposit will be transferred to the new course.