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44-2019 – Teja Hlacer – David Trueb – Fireworks

44-2019 – Teja Hlacer – David Trueb – Fireworks
Date: November 3rd – 9th 2019
Author: David Trueb – Teja Hlacer
Community woodfiring in La Meridiana’s “Bagnano Express”

La Meridiana’s Bagnano Express is a two chamber Noborigama crossdraft kiln with cascade type bourry box. Potters are invited to embark on a one week journey with Teja Hlacer and David Trueb for a shared firing experience to stoneware temperature.
Each step in the preparation and the firing will be discussed and organized so that all participants will have a clear understanding of the process, gain first hand firing experience and acquire elements to understand the final results.
You will be asked to bring a certain number of bisque fired pieces, as each participant will have a determined volume of space in the kiln available for her/his pots. Preferably you should bring elongated and/or closed forms which best respond to the conditions in the wood kiln. Further indications about the volume, shapes and type of clay to use will be given after booking. There will be a presentation of the kiln, how it is built, how it behaves in the firing and which results you may obtain. The firing leaders will give expert advice about the various options for glazing the pots and explain how the exposure to the flames and the ashes will influence the results. The firing will be in reducing atmosphere and salt will be added in the second chamber, for a rich variety of surface effects. We will organize the firing in several shifts. During cooling, there will be time for a field trip and we will celebrate the fire and our friendship with barbeques and good wine.

The number of participants is limited to 8. It is possible to prepare bisque pieces with David Trueb in his studio in Switzerland or Portugal.
For information and booking, please write to Teja Hlacer and David Trueb: fireworksceramics19@gmail.com

November 3rd : Arrival between 3 and 6 pm. Distribution of lodging, welcome dinner.
November 4th: Breakfast. Talk about firing, preparation for wadding and glazing. Lunch. Glazing and wadding. Dinner.
November 5th: Finish glazing and wadding. Start loading the kiln. Lunch. Finish loading and start firing. Dinner. Stoking.
November 6th: 4 am 1st shift firing. Breakfast. Firing. Lunch. Firing. Dinner. Finish firing around midnight.
November 7th: Kiln cooling. Excursion to the Etruscan museum in Volterra. Lunch. Checking the kiln. Dinner.
November 8th: Unloading and cleaning. Lunch. Final talk, critique. Farewell dinner.
November 9th: Breakfast. Packing. Departure.


David Trueb
Since his apprenticeship as a confectioner in Basel 1982, David Trueb has been interested in ceramics. There is an affinity in the technical knowledge involved in confectionary and ceramics: both are concerned with recipes, materials, glazes, handicraft and technical skill. David set up his first studio in the basement of his parents’ house, where he began working and experimenting in various ways with throwing, mixing clay bodies, glazing, firing, and the thickness of the objects. Repeatedly he encounters challenges which he approaches with passion, patience and imagination. In recent years, David has specialized in woodfiring at high temperature ranges He continues to gain expertise, supported by completion of the intensive ON CENTRE course at La Meridiana and through ongoing collaboration with wood firing colleagues. He is inspired by simple forms from different cultural areas. He has his main studio in Portugal.

Teja Hlacer was initiated to ceramics in her childhood. Later on, during her studies in Cultural Anthropology she nurtured her artistic talent in field researches and studies of traditional pottery in Slovenia, her native country. Her Master Thesis in the field of National Heritage included a mentorship from a renowned Slovenian artist. She is inspired by traditional ceramic forms and techniques. Her work has been shown in galleries and in international group exhibitions. She regularly contributes to the recognition of ceramics in Slovenia and likes to share knowledge and making ceramics around the world. Teja has collaborated with La Meridiana for last five years and participated in numerous wood firings.
“From ancient times potters have used wood to fire their pots. Fire as a primary element has a power to transform material, clay into ceramics. Fly ash of the burned wood always gives surprising effects. Wood firing takes time and is a special event, where good teamwork plays an important role.”

DATE: November 3rd – 9th 2019

LEVEL: Woodfiring. Non-beginners




Additional info

Cost: € 1.250
The workshop fee includes:
6 overnights in double room with shared bathroom
3 breakfasts
5 lunches
6 dinners
Excursion with museum visit
Single room supplement €200

Payment - Refund Policy

You may withdraw within 14 days of registration without incurring in any penalties and will the deposit fully refunded. No refund of deposits past 14 days of registration, pursuant to articles 53 and following of the EU consumer protection legislation.
If La Meridiana cannot hold the course due to unforeseen events beyond our control, the deposit will be fully refunded through the same system it was paid. (on-line or with banking wiring.)
La Meridiana reserves the right to offer a different course with similar characteristics and, in case of your acceptance, the deposit will be transferred to the new course.


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