The acquisition of technique is an enabling experience. The more skill a person has, the greater confidence and freedom of expression there is.
Our intensive courses aim to teach technical skills, aesthetic confidence and sustain creative development. As testified by former students, the instruction received in an intensive course resonates for many years to come, contributing to amplify the breadth of inspiration and the skill to transform these inspirations into personalized, well executed work.

In the field of functional ceramics, La Meridiana offers ON CENTRE and ON CENTRE.FALL, long-term courses that aim to build a strong foundation in the knowledge and practice of ceramics. FREEDOM & STRUCTURE IN THE CREATIVE PROCESS is structured in monthly on-line meetings with a final hands-on workshop at La Meridiana.
Furthermore, there is a two week intensive course to develop JEWELLERY MAKING  and a two week intensive on PORCELAIN for handbuilders.


Every year from January to March. Application  by written proposal.

On Centre has a strong focus on throwing, glazing and firing for functional ware. The program includes the throwing and finishing of both functional and one of a kind objects, the study of claybodies and glaze compositio,n and the development of a personal visual vocabulary. A woodfiring is also part of the programme.


This two-month long course is hold every year from  mid-October to mid-December and provides a foundation in throwing, an introduction to glaze theory, to loading and firing kilns.
Application is by written proposal.


A journey into the creative process

Designed for those who want to explore and activate the creative mind and revitalize their work in accordance with their unique self. The instructor will guide students with exercises and will provide tools to inspire ongoing, independent artistic development of ideas and techniques. Monthly on-line meetings and a final hands- on workshop.



In addition to working with porcelain, students will learn how to make metal settings.



An overview and exploration of the best handbuilding and finishing techniques and an opportunity to explore different handbuilding techniques in one course.