Community Builders of La Meridiana

A new project is taking shape at La Meridiana

Since the beginning in 1981, our intent has been to offer an all-round exceptional experience to our students and this is exactly where our next phase starts.

The challenge of providing comfortable and good-energy housing options for our students year round, is not an easy one, but we now have the opportunity to develop the barn in front of the main building of the school into a 7-unit housing structure.
It will include additional community space, so that all students can meet up at the end of the day to continue conversation in a relaxed, beautiful environment with spectacular views.

It has always been through the community of our students that the school has been able to grow and again, we believe that with your help this ambitious project is within our reach.

How can you contribute?

You can commit to pay forward 2500 euros, as a deposit for future workshops of your choice.
Anyone who is interested is welcome to be a ‘Community Builder of La Meridiana’:

Here is what it looks like:

You can commit to and transfer 2500 euros to La Meridiana.
The amount will constitute a voucher to be used as credit for future workshops of your choice,
starting April 2027 until December 2035.

* Vouchers may also be converted into Gift Certificates.

In addition, Community Builders receive:

  1. A tile with their name installed on the new community building. Contributors will be able to make the tile themselves in our studios.
  2. Priority booking: At every new season, Community Builders will be notified two weeks before the official release of the workshop programme to allow priority booking exclusively for them.
  3. Lodging in the new community building – (Please note that this service can be guaranteed if the workshop of choice is booked at the moment of “Priority booking”).
  4. Exclusive Update from Pietro on the work in progress of the building every four month.

Are you interested?

If you have any queries please write to

Or go ahead