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conCreta 2007
International Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

Certaldo, Palazzo Pretorio

Organised by the gallery “Gulliver – Terre d’Autore” in collaboration with “La Meridiana” – International School of Ceramics
From 5th July to 17th September 2007



This year, within the various cultural initiatives of the town of Certaldo, a prestigious exhibition of modern ceramic sculpture has  found its place in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Pretorio. The work of six major Italian ceramic artists of international reputation is on display in six suggestive rooms of this evocative and historical building.
Visiting the palace our first encounter will be with the work of Adriano Leverone. This artist presents us a series of figurative forms, severe, solemn and silent entitled, the “Vicars”. Forms and surfaces built with contrasting textures of earth roughness and smoothness of glazes.
Following the itinerary, we enter the room of Sandro Lorenzini: a poet whose work is influenced by a long practice in the theatre. The simple and archaic figures with strong symbolic connotations, are thought as subjects of a complete scenery on which the pieces, the games of light, the natural or artificial setting and the final spectator are part of the work.
Next is Enrico Stropparo. For this specific event he has made an intriguing interpretation of the characters of the ten storytellers of the Decameron. His innate sense of decoration and technical abilities combined with his great fantasy and wit produces a sense of joyful wonder on the observer.
In the forth room as we enter we are overwhelmed by a series of horses and sculptures by Paolo Staccioli where archaism, classical antiquity, the Etruscan world, baroque memories, modernity and the contemporary, all come together in harmony, without boundaries and without any intellectualistic inhibitions.
Through the door we enter the world of Carlos Carlè. Here the material, contorted and organically alive through its physical and tactile qualities, becomes compacted and sculpture rediscovers one of its functions in an almost architectonic key.
In the last room we are presented with the work of Alessio Tasca. He presents a series of extruded blocks and a great sphere; modern sculptures where the harmony between past and present is clearly evident with neither mimicry nor denial, but according to an ancient spirit of continued innovation on the track of a tradition.
All very different but at the same time united on an effort of continuous research of both materials and forms that have made them ambassadors of modern Italian art in the world.
This is a great event for Italian ceramic art, in the heart of Tuscany, in a town whose undisputed natural beauty and architectural history outlines its strength and narrative  potentiality.
This show represents an opportunity to focus on a fundamental aspect of Italian art, that have found so much recognition around the world. Our goal is to increase sensibility and interest on the Italian public towards its appreciation.
This initiative has been possible by the merging interests of two realities of our territory: The International Centre for Ceramics “La Meridiana” founded and directed by Pietro Elia Maddalena and of the fine art gallery “Gulliver-Terre d’Autore” from Elba island, whose director, Gian Lorenzo Anselmi has been the main coordinator and force behind the project.

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Photo by Andrea Messana
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